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is GiftGo Keyboard?

GiftGo is a mobile keyboard for buying and sending gift cards without leaving the chat. When you need to send a gift card in a chat, you simply switch to GiftGo.

Account Registration?

To buy and send gift cards through GiftGo Keyboard, you need to register. For registration you need a mobile phone number, first name, last name and email. The name and surname of the account will be displayed on the page of the purchased gift card (from whom the gift card).

Set Up Android keyboard

After registration, add GiftGo Keyboard, for this:
1. Go to Phone Settings
2. Open the Language & Input section.
3. Go to Set up input methods
4. Turn on GiftGo Now switch to it:
5. Go to the Language & Input section.
6. Open Default Keyboard
7. Choose GiftGo

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